Monday, 12 April 2010


yo, so nearly made it the whole 365 but instead i'm gonna jack it and use this as a standard self indulgent bullshit blog. and just post images and youtube vids when they cross through my eyes. so to start of with, some stuff i've been thinking about the last couple of hours.

so let me set the scene, me and sam sit down to watch a film, cup of tea in hand. earlier in the day i had made the decision to chill from my biscuit of choice for a bit, the ultimate, bourbon. instead i got some morning coffee, potentially my second fave. not only did i spill some pretty hot tea on my genitalia, i then had the disappointment of having to munch my way through these:
this is not an actual picture of the ones i partook in, those would be Morrissons own brand, but the biscuit is the same. Nor have I spent my time photoshopping the word "wrong" on the image either, though i agree with the sentiment. what the fuck?! they are way creamy and taste nothing like a morning coffee should. still vegan i should add, which makes me even more skeptical to where the creaminess comes from. like the cheapo bourbs you can buy that taste like a chocolate custard cream and are definitely not vegan. not cool. give me Best In brand any day, cheaper and delicious.

so the film was, "They Live". given our interest in the work of one David Icke, it seemed a very apt film to watch, as the plot revolves around a near future world in the grips of economic recession, where a secret society of "aliens" controls the general populace through mind control and covert messages in the media. when one gent discovers special glasses by which you can discern an 'alien' from a human and all the messages are deciphered and laid out in front of you, magazines saying 'consume', 'stay asleep', etc etc.
if we can go a bit zizek for a moment, there are 3 ways in which i took the film.
1) that clearly it's a representation of the hidden or other among us, potentially a parable for a class society in which the aliens can be replaced with the rich. through economic systems and the media they control the general populace without them knowing in order to retain and buffer their personal gain. the 'elite' can stand for anything really, from whatever perspective you want to come from. the other point is that there is a search for truth that goes through the film, that if only the general populace knew the truth in plain and simple terms. basically, this person is ugly/they are an alien, they are bad. the sunglasses that reveal the truth in its most blatant form is kind of a way of saying unless it is blatantly obvious, humanity cannot react. we cannot overthrow what we do not see. the end is a strong point but i won't ruin it.
2) there is a definite homo-erotic undertone to the relationship between the male main character and his co-hort friend. they meet at a construction site, he is invited to see a place to stay but refuses, denies the homosexual advance so as to not appear gay. but curiosity takes hold, and he follows. they become friends. cue a very very long fight scene with lots of rolling around, a manifestation of their deepseated love for each other but their inability to express those feelings resulting in a strange anger/humour rivalry/friendship dichotomy. later still there are hints when the main character follows a woman he has met, the odd look to see where he is going, etc. worth exploring.
3) that this is infact not a fiction film but our reality manifested in a film. it is often claimed by icke-followers that films that deal directly with subject matter icke talks about, be it lizards, shapeshifting, rogue planets habited by aliens, the end of the world, etc, that these are being used either to introduce the reality of these ideas to us so that when all is eventually revealed we have some reference point to digest the information with, or that they are used to discredit people aiming to reveal the true nature of reality. that when someone says "we are ruled by an elite alien race who materialise as humans" you can say "yeah but thats just the plot of that film". argument over. the same with the recent re-make of the V sci-fi series, which sees a race of 'visitors' come to earth only to be revealed that they already have members on earth who maintain their human form. their real form? just a massive reptilian. therefore any believer of icke can be countered with "thats just the plot of V though"

then, dr syntax. greatest human ever.

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